Monetizing Business With Crypto

When you talk about cryptocurrencies and their uses, the internet and tech community seems divided. Many people calling it a “bubble”. Despite this, the fact remains that the crypto niche has experienced exponential growth over the past few years and is still growing.

It should also be noted that the entertainment business is largely driven by the traction gained by millennials. Since they are very interested in cryptocurrencies, it seems like a perfect time for companies to start integrating cryptocurrencies into their products.

Why should you use crypto for monetization?

Until 2016, advertising was considered the best way to monetize a business. This is true especially in the business world. But now this is in decline.

If business owners want to stay in the market with the same earnings numbers, they need to find alternative ways to monetize their business.

Another important reason is that the blockchain technology that every cryptocurrency like bitcoin360ai is based on is decentralized and completely transparent. No organization runs it. So, policies and financial sharing between stakeholders are not prone to favoritism.

For example, if you want to track clicks on an ad displayed on your website, you can refer to the ledger and verify that the clicks follow a pattern.

Additionally, if you want to run an affiliate program for your business, the technology could help it become very profitable while remaining transparent.

Basically, using cryptocurrency makes money trading possible and eliminates the risk of fraud.


What are the pros of using crypto?

Since 2017, a significant number of companies have started incorporating, mostly Bitcoin , into their payment options and referral rewards.


For cross-border payments, crypto is the best choice. In pretty much all cases, it takes several days for fiat to be credited to an account. However, with digital currencies, it only takes a few minutes. If you sell something on your website and need instant payments, accepting cryptocurrencies is even faster than credit cards.

Low transaction fees

Customers are often reluctant to shop online due to increased transaction fees. But in the case of cryptocurrencies, these unnecessary fees are kept to a minimum. In fact, it’s less than one percent of the total transaction amount.